King of the Swamp: Minimum Viable Product

So I started working on another game, King of the Swamp. The game will be a simple, cannibalistic Hungry, Hungry Hippos with bullfrogs, lovecraftian transformations, and local multiplayer.

I came up with the idea after hearing about the strange eating habits of American Bullfrogs from my girlfriend. These creatures are very opportunistic and aggressive, meaning they will eat pretty much anything: insects, rodents, fish, birds, even their fellow bullfrogs. I took this and ran with it, thinking it would be funny to see bullfrogs fighting over territory by eating to get bigger, and finally becoming big enough to eat up their opponents.

At the moment, my goal is to create a minimal viable product (MVP), which I interpret as the most basic framework you can create that will still successfully communicate what your product is or will be. A MVP will have extremely simple graphics, with only as much detail that is required to make the game instantly coherent, and only the base-level mechanics required for players to understand & play your game.

I am still trying to get an art style figured out. At the moment I am leaning towards a weird, Ed Emberley-draws-lovecraft style, with the frogs morphing into giant monsters as they gobble everything in sight.

King of the Swamp: Minimum Viable Product