#indiedevmixtape Progress Update 1

So the up-and-coming Reddit comunity r/IndieDev has started a new game jam titled ‘r/IndieDev MixTape’ modeled after ZX81 tapes which featured numerous games from various developers. You can find more information on this here and here. I am one of many developers participating in this jam, which ends March 23.

So I finally found some downtime and started working on controls and concept sketches/graphics for my r/IndeDev MixTape entry. Since I’m short on time, I’m going with a more abstract style, which fits with some of the jam’s themes (ZX81, Strange Geometry).

My game is a surreal tale of revenge involving time travel and cults. It’s a narrative-driven cinematic platformer with some puzzle-solving elements As I developed the documentation the story turned into a sci-fi Count of Monte Cristo-style affair.

What I’m actually bringing to the jam will be a short snippet of the broad idea That began from a dream I had that involved cryptic dead drops, crashing exclusive parties at nightclubs dressed as ninjas to steal change or something, and having to find a new getaway car after the yellow lambo you stole is stolen by someone else.

But anyway, here’s some images.

Ghost character

random sketches

Also yay! First post!

#indiedevmixtape Progress Update 1

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